2012 Annual Report

Missions Ministry Report for 2012

Missions Annual Report 2012

Mission in a Mile – Activities in 2012

  • Cake walk fundraiser at Alps Elementary – 80 pies and cakes donated
  • School supplies and uniforms donated to Alps Road Elementary
  • Clarke Middle School -  Food for Community Food bank
  • Food for the weekend sent home at Alps Elementary
  • Talmadge Terrace Birthday lunches
  • Lanier Gardens crafts for the residents
  • Collected books/stuffed animals for the St. Mary’s children’s Wing.
  • Encourage giving for the St. Mary’s Thrift store.

 Interfaith Hospitality

  • Hosted four times in 2012
  • 13 families were placed with a 97% success rate
  • We are hosting five times at Central Presbyterian in 2013.
  1. January 13-20
  2. March 31-April 7
  3. June 16- June 23
  4. August 25-Sept.1
  5. November 17-24

Other Ministries

  • Card writing ministry for shut in members
  • Knitting ministry every Tuesday 1:30-3:00.  Items donated to the local hospitals and care facilities.

Missions Communications

Athens Nurses Clinic

The Athens Nurses Clinic is a non-profit health care clinic that provides treatment to uninsured low and no income residents in Athens-Clarke County and surrounding counties.  The clinic coordinates evaluation and treatment of both acute and chronic medical and dental conditions along with lab services, health education and counseling, dentistry and prescription assistance.  The clinic collaborates with volunteer doctors, nurses and dentists and pharmacists as well as Athens Regional Medical Center and UGA.  By providing these much needed services, the Athens Nurses Clinic eases some of the congestion at local emergency rooms (which is where many uninsured people seek treatment).

You don’t need to be in the medical field to help, volunteers are need in many capacities.  Also, hygiene kits can be assembled and donated to the clinic.  For more information on volunteering opportunities or donations pleasevisit the Athens Nurses Clinic website at :www.athensnursesclinic.org .

Contact Info: Paige Cummings, Executive Director, Athens Nurses Clinic, 496 Reese St., Athens GA. 30601, (706) 613-6976

The Ark

The Ark provides emergency financial assistance to the low income population of Athens-Clarke and surrounding counties.  Clients (termed neighbors by the Ark) are interviewed by trained Ark volunteers to determine their eligibility and need.  The Ark determines financial assistance based upon the client/neighbor’s documented loss of income or exceptional needed expense.  Clients are interviewed on a case by case basis with a trained volunteer.  During this interview process, the trained Ark volunteer and the client/neighbor explore various assistance avenues (such as the food bank, negotiation with creditors, or other community resources).  The Ark emphasizes that it does not simply provide handouts. The Ark may help with rent and utilities, transportation, and prescription medicines in certain circumstances.  The Ark also sponsors several fundraising events throughout the year including the Gift of Hope, Entrée of Hope, Fellowship Challenge Golf Tournament, Christmas in July and the Holiday Benevolence Market.  For more information on volunteering at the Ark or to make a donation, please visit their website at www.athensark.org.

Central Presbyterian Church is one of the founding supporting congregations of the Ark.  Approximately half of the funding for the Ark comes from congregations in Athens-Clarke County, with the remainder coming from private grants and donations.

Contact Information: Lucy Hudgens, Director, The Ark: United Ministry Outreach Center, 640 A Barber Street, Athens, GA 30601, (706) 548-8155

Samaritan Counseling Center

The Samaritan Counseling Center is an interfaith counseling service that provides professional counseling services to individuals, families and community groups. Samaritan Counseling Center is a faith sensitive counseling agency that recognizes God’s grace and His healing love.  Counselors are respectful of individual’s beliefs and values.  The center provides counseling, psychotherapy, educational and consultation services.  Such activities include: counseling on major changes in life such as death, divorce, couples counseling, depression, anxiety, and counseling with military families.  Wellness services range from therapeutic yoga to stress relief and nutrition.  Educational group retreats and spiritual direction and growth are also areas of service.

For more information please visit their website at: www.samaritannega.org

Contact info: Lacy M. Camp, M.Ed., Marriage and Family Therapist, Executive Director, Main office: 455 North Lumpkin St., Athens, GA 30601, (706) 369-7911

Presbyterian Student Center (PSC)

The Presbyterian Student Center is a student focused campus ministry at the University of Georgia.  The PSC provides a community for students to grow in their faith and become more committed disciples of Jesus Christ, as well as becoming effective leaders in Christ’s church.  PSC provides worship times every Tuesday during the fall and spring semesters for students.  Students lead worship services, which includes a time of prayer, singing and scripture.  The campus minister typically gives a message and then communion is served during the Tuesday services.  The PSC also provides a time of fellowship for the students and opportunity to learn about various ministries in which they can serve.  Various congregations provide free Sunday dinners for the students.  Central Presbyterian youth and adults have helped prepare these meals.  The ministry is directly supported by several congregations, including Central Presbyterian Church, Presbyterian Women groups and individuals.

Ways to help:  Funding is needed to renovate the student center building including roofing, a kitchen remodel, handicap accessible restrooms and doors, painting and grounds work.  There are also many program needs including sponsorship of dinners, retreat scholarships to name just a few.  For more information please visit their website at  www.pscuga.org

Contact Information: Andy Cooke, Campus Minister  andy@pscuga.org, PresbyterianStudentCenter@UGA, 1250 S. Lumpkin Street, Athens, GA 30605, 706-548-5932

Athens Area Homeless Shelter  (AAHS)

The Athens Area Homeless Shelter uses a three-pronged program approach to providing services.  The programs are named Almost Home, Going Home and JobTrec.  Almost Home is a transitional housing program for homeless women and their children.  Eligible families are able to stay at the shelter for up to 24 months while seeking or maintaining employment, education and training.  During their time at the shelter the program director helps families set goals that will foster financial independence.In 2012, the Almost Home program housed 20 mothers and 41 children.

The Going Home program is a new venture that was launched in September of 2012.  The Going Home program is a “rapid rehousing program that gives case management support, rental and utility assistance to families that are ready for permanent housing.”  The Going Home program in its first year of operation helped 9 families move into permanent housing.

The JobTRECprogram provides to job training, referral, education, and case management.  This program gives comprehensive case management services to eligible homeless individuals.  The goal of JobTREC is to provide a better opportunity for housing stability by working closely with clients.  Case managers work with clients to develop short and long term goals.  In 2012, the JobTREC program provided case management services to over 180 individuals.Currently, the JobTREC program provides case managementservices at Our Daily Bread.

Ways to help:  Besides monetary donations, there are a numerous ways to help at AAHS including: providing meals, Monday and Tuesday night child care, and helping with the Moms Mentoring Moms program.  You can also donate a service to the AAHS, or volunteer to provide some of the items on the shelter’s wish list.  If you have a truck or large vehicle, the Going Home program can use your assistance with moving families to their new home.  The JobTREC program can use help with job training, interview skills training and job placement opportunities.

Contact Information: Shea Post, Executive Director, Katie Smith, Shelter Director, Greg Purser, JobTREC Case Manager, www.helpathenshomeless.org, Athens Area Homeless Shelter, 620 Barber Street, Athens, GA 30601, Office: 706-354-0423

Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread serves breakfast and lunch to more than 125 people per day Monday through Friday.  A sack meal is served on Saturdays and Sundays.  Our Daily Bread distributes food, health and hygiene items to guests.  The Oconee Street location provides space for individuals to receive legal assistance, nursing care and VA assistance as well as General Education Degree (GED) classes and computer training.

Oconee Street United Methodist Church and Action Ministries, Inc.-Athens opened Our Daily Bread in 1989. Central Presbyterian helps serve lunch at Our Daily once a month.  Please contact Zandra Baxter if you would like to help serve.

Contact Information: Erin Barger, MSW Executive Director, Action Ministries, Inc.-Athens, 717 Oconee Street, Athens, GA 30605, Office: (706) 353-6647, ebarger@actionministries.netwww.actionministries.net, Oconee Street Methodist Church, Location: 717 Oconee Street, Athens,  GA, Phone: (706) 543-1327, Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6707, Athens, GA 30604

Women to the World

Founded in 1985, Women to the World isan international nonprofit Christian service organization that aims to improve the lives of poor women and children in developing countries.  This organization works with national women’s groups to address pressing needs.  Teams of specialists provide training to address these needs and help implement programs. Training programs include project design, management training, basic family health, women’s centers, trauma response centers among others.Women to the World has worked in places such as Pakistan, Kenya, India, Afghanistan, and the Ukraine.

More locally, Women to the World established PALS (Partnering Ambassadors for Life and Service).  PALSwas founded in 2007 in Athens, Georgia.  PALS partnerswith the Athens Housing Authority, PALS teachers, mentors and life skills counselors to help unemployed mothers or those seeking career training and advancement.  PALS uses a Christian based curriculum in their program.  The program provides GED certification and testing, computer skills training, resume building, life-skill mentoring and personal devotional opportunities.All programs are provided at no cost to the participant.  The PALS program is currently being run out of the Rocksprings Community Center.

Ways to help: Monetary support is needed.  Also, the PALS program needs teachers and mentors to help students in areas of GED preparation, language arts, mathematics, and computer skills.

Contact Information: Women to the World, Inc., Doris Aldrich, Founder and President, Mail Address: PMB 581, Suite 103, 1860 Barnett Shoals Road, Athens, GA 30605, Phone: (706) 548-0000, www.womentotheworld.org

Administration Ministry Report for 2012

Administration Ministry Annual Report

The Administration Ministry works closely with the Pastors, Trustees, Treasurer and Accountant to conduct the daily business of Central Presbyterian.  Within the purview of the Administration Ministry are matters related to personnel, budgeting, investments, policy documentation, and the like.  Consequently, the Administration Ministry is often the liaison between the various other ministries of the Session and the parties named above.  While the Administration Ministry worked on many matters in 2012, the budget became the front and center issue as giving trends decreased during late spring and summer.  The giving levels by mid-2012 supported projections that the 2012 budget passed by the congregation was unsustainable.  Working proactively with the Session, Pastors and Treasurer, adjustments were made that included a stay of all missions giving from operating budget line items and a significant "tightening of the belt" by all ministries.  Thankfully, the aggressive efforts to reduce spending combined with generous giving increases from the congregation in the back half of 2012 (capped by a banner month of giving in December) to finish the year with a modest deficit.  Notably, the 2012 deficit was around $12,000 and fell well within a "planned gap" in the 2012 budget for which funds were earmarked to cover.

It is clear that the Spirit has been hard at work motivating our congregation to give generously and our ministries to steward the Lord's resources wisely.  As a result, we've been able to retain our staffing levels, thus positioning us to do our part in growing the Kingdom in 2013.  The 2013 budget passed by the session and approved by the congregation is a balanced budget, even when analyzed through a lens that assumes conservative giving levels.  We ended 2012 with a bang -- let's keep it up in 2013 by giving our time and resources generously and with a happy heart.  I can't wait to see how God grows our ranks and works through us in 2013 if we do!        

Buildings and Grounds Ministry Report for 2012

Building and Grounds Annual Report 2012

Alan J. Coleman, Chairman   Howard Guest Jr. ,  Session Member

Thank you to Marvin PettyJohn for all that he does to keep the lights on at Central. Marvin has been very faithful for many years changing light bulbs, fixtures, and other items as needed.  Howard Guest Jr. has served on Building and Grounds for the past 3 years and has been extremely helpful making repairs, using his personal equipment for outside and inside task.  Thank you also to Doug Bailey who has been responsible for opening the Church on Sunday mornings and turning lights on, and to Scott Norris for filling in for him in his absence.  To all fellow session members who as a part of their weekly Elder duties lock the doors and turn off the lights, thank you.  Thank you to Eloise Williams who has been very faithful in recognizing opportunities where we may be able to save money.

Some accomplishments for 2012.  In February, several members and guests came together  for  a church wide clean up day to spread pine straw, clean chandeliers and carpets, and painting.  Matt Fletcher painted our curbing and entry ways with yellow paint to make our entries more visible.  A new upright freezer was purchased for the kitchen as an overflow for our fellowship team.  With the help of Ben Trimpe and the Boy Scouts and several adults in our Congregation, a new children’s playground was assembled and dedicated in 2012 as well as a new bridge with rails courtesy of Richie Dunham and his team of leaders and Scouts for his Eagle Scout project.  Our Christian Education ministry was responsible for leading a group of our members in a clean up and clean out effort of our Sunday School Wing in late December which revitalized this area for your Church.

Henry Norman has recently filled pot holes for our side driveway and I would like to thank him for taking his  time and materials to repair our driveway.  Looking ahead, there are always repairs and improvements that will require attention to our great facility and grounds, and anytime something is found to be in need  of repair or improvements, please bring to the Chairman for Building and Grounds.  It has been an honor to serve as your Chairman for the past few years.

Alan J. Coleman

Membership Ministry Report for 2012

Membership Ministry Annual Report 2012

In Athens, Georgia we are accustomed to being among winners. The Membership at this church is no exception. It certainly makes things easier for our Membership Committee. I am honored to serve alongside to absolute winners: Mac Fite and Scott Norris. Our committee's responsibilities often dovetail with those of other groups.  For instance, this year we have helped Christian Ed with some communication needs. In the past, we have helped Fellowship with church wide events. Our main goal is to encourage folks whether visitors or long term members to find their place of service within our church family. We want you all to find an area in which to serve, while getting to know and ultimately loving and becoming loved by the wonderful people in this church

Did I mention that this is easy?  Our church is blessed to have a membership with varied interests and long fingers that reach into our community. Last year, one of our members, a nine year old little girl challenged the members of this church to support the ML5K which benefits ESP. Support it we did. The Central Presbyterian Youth Group is the largest supporter for this event for two years running. The first year this race involved 220 people. This year the event doubled in size. While this is a wonderful cause, no one has more fun than the folks from Central,  

Whether our committee is planning for this race, working on our Mother's Day, Father's Day or Graduation recognitions, or looking forward to kick off events with Christian Ed, we have the best jobs in the church: celebrating winners like you

Fellowship Ministry Report for 2012

As we mourn the death of our co-chair of the Fellowship Ministry, Sarah Scott, we celebrate the committee that has come together to provide fine meals at church gatherings. Deacons Jan Rhodes and Xandra Baxter have joined us adding their superb culinary skills and energy. Naomi Lupton, Howard Guest and Donna Floyd have continued to help us with their cooking expertise and experience in our kitchen. Matt Fletcher has recently joined us adding a whole new level of kitchen experience. Finally, the guy we depend on every week, Bill (Duck) Anderson, who is indispensable every week in cleaning up our messes. Thank you all!

We are trying to provide meals that are appealing, nourishing, affordable, tasty and sometimes a little different that will attract more people to join us on Wednesday evenings. In the last year we have served: spaghetti with homemade meat sauce; Creole pork chops with black beans and rice; Corned beef with cabbage, potatoes and carrots; Jan’s Meatloaf and mashed potatoes; Cuban roast pork with Cuban black beans and rice; Greek chicken with confetti rice and a Greek salad; and Smoked pork loin with baked apples. Then there are all the wonderful deserts! We have also added a salad bar with lots of ingredients for you to make your own salad.

Over the next few months we will continue to provide great dinners, mostly prepared in our own church kitchen. The menus for the rest of this Spring are posted on the church web site and are on the bulletin board in the down stairs hall. They include BBQ Pork, Crispy Rosemary Chicken, Beef Tips over Rice, Chicken Divan, Spaghetti & Nirvana Meatballs, Baked Ham, Salisbury Steak and something really different, a Taco and Baked Potato Bar.

Because we are able to do most of the cooking in our recently remodeled and updated kitchen we have been able to keep the costs down and not raise the price for dinners. We usually feed 40 to 50 people each Wednesday and would love to have 80 to 100 or more each week. Usually we actually bring in a little more money than we spend making the Wednesday night dinners the church’s only profit center!

We truly love to prepare meals for our brothers and sisters! We hope more and more people will join us for a good meal together and enjoy the fellowship.

Christian Education Report for 2012

Christian Education Ministry Annual Report 2012

Christian Education is always a busy ministry at Central Presbyterian Church. 2012 proves to be no different than any other season. Here are some of the highlights of Christian Education:

Adult Christian Education (ACES)

Many changes have been implemented in the Adult Ministry at Central. After the dissolving of the Adult program in May at the recommendation by the Presbytery CHAT

the Session charged a task force to develop a new system for our congregation. This ACES Task Force met during the summer and sent its recommendations to the Christian Education Ministry Team (CEMT) in September. A final draft was sent to the Session for discussion and approval by CEMT in December. Our new Adult Christian Education System was approved and implementation began in January 2013. In late February the first Teacher Orientation was conducted. We look forward to providing a variety of vibrant educational offerings for our congregation as we continue to implement the features of our new system.

Children’s MInistry

The children's ministry is currently ministering to approximately 60 children with our various programs

On Sunday morning there are usually an average of 25-30 children who attend Sunday school. In addition we have two Kidz Praise programs which support worship and the 9am group averages 12 and the 11am averages 25 children.

Christian Education serves approximately 38 families on the  Wednesday evening program called Mission Kidz with an average attendance of 20 children.

We could not run the CE program or achieve the current level of success without our dedicated volunteers. It takes a village every week of approximately 15-20 children’s volunteers.

In addition to our regular programming for children, several special events are held during the calendar year. They include the following:

Our Fall Festival hosted approximately 75 kids and their families. Many of those families were visitors

Our annual Easter Egg hunt was conducted with nearly 1000 eggs and 60 kids

Our Vacation Bible School served approximately 92 children also with many friends and visitors attending. All of these special events take many many volunteers to run smoothly.

Youth Ministry

Youth ministry includes ages from 6th grade through 12th grade. Central serves youth from 34 families; nearly 50 students are actively involved.

The  average attendance for weekly youth group  is 16 middle schoolers and  9 high schoolers. In addition to regular sunday activities the youth also participate in service projects such as souper bowl sunday, Maggie bags, conducting worship on Youth Sunday, and other outreach activities.

Our youth ministry also conducts special events and trips for our students.

Last year, 31 youth & adults attended Sapelo (middle school), 25 youth and adults attended Montreat, and more than 65 different students attended one of the many offered summer events in 2012.

Our confirmation ministry served 9 students who were confirmed and joined the church in March, 2012.

Deb Williams

Chair of Christian Education Ministry