2012 Annual Report

Administration Ministry Report for 2012

Administration Ministry Annual Report

The Administration Ministry works closely with the Pastors, Trustees, Treasurer and Accountant to conduct the daily business of Central Presbyterian.  Within the purview of the Administration Ministry are matters related to personnel, budgeting, investments, policy documentation, and the like.  Consequently, the Administration Ministry is often the liaison between the various other ministries of the Session and the parties named above.  While the Administration Ministry worked on many matters in 2012, the budget became the front and center issue as giving trends decreased during late spring and summer.  The giving levels by mid-2012 supported projections that the 2012 budget passed by the congregation was unsustainable.  Working proactively with the Session, Pastors and Treasurer, adjustments were made that included a stay of all missions giving from operating budget line items and a significant "tightening of the belt" by all ministries.  Thankfully, the aggressive efforts to reduce spending combined with generous giving increases from the congregation in the back half of 2012 (capped by a banner month of giving in December) to finish the year with a modest deficit.  Notably, the 2012 deficit was around $12,000 and fell well within a "planned gap" in the 2012 budget for which funds were earmarked to cover.

It is clear that the Spirit has been hard at work motivating our congregation to give generously and our ministries to steward the Lord's resources wisely.  As a result, we've been able to retain our staffing levels, thus positioning us to do our part in growing the Kingdom in 2013.  The 2013 budget passed by the session and approved by the congregation is a balanced budget, even when analyzed through a lens that assumes conservative giving levels.  We ended 2012 with a bang -- let's keep it up in 2013 by giving our time and resources generously and with a happy heart.  I can't wait to see how God grows our ranks and works through us in 2013 if we do!