2012 Annual Report

Buildings and Grounds Ministry Report for 2012

Building and Grounds Annual Report 2012

Alan J. Coleman, Chairman   Howard Guest Jr. ,  Session Member

Thank you to Marvin PettyJohn for all that he does to keep the lights on at Central. Marvin has been very faithful for many years changing light bulbs, fixtures, and other items as needed.  Howard Guest Jr. has served on Building and Grounds for the past 3 years and has been extremely helpful making repairs, using his personal equipment for outside and inside task.  Thank you also to Doug Bailey who has been responsible for opening the Church on Sunday mornings and turning lights on, and to Scott Norris for filling in for him in his absence.  To all fellow session members who as a part of their weekly Elder duties lock the doors and turn off the lights, thank you.  Thank you to Eloise Williams who has been very faithful in recognizing opportunities where we may be able to save money.

Some accomplishments for 2012.  In February, several members and guests came together  for  a church wide clean up day to spread pine straw, clean chandeliers and carpets, and painting.  Matt Fletcher painted our curbing and entry ways with yellow paint to make our entries more visible.  A new upright freezer was purchased for the kitchen as an overflow for our fellowship team.  With the help of Ben Trimpe and the Boy Scouts and several adults in our Congregation, a new children’s playground was assembled and dedicated in 2012 as well as a new bridge with rails courtesy of Richie Dunham and his team of leaders and Scouts for his Eagle Scout project.  Our Christian Education ministry was responsible for leading a group of our members in a clean up and clean out effort of our Sunday School Wing in late December which revitalized this area for your Church.

Henry Norman has recently filled pot holes for our side driveway and I would like to thank him for taking his  time and materials to repair our driveway.  Looking ahead, there are always repairs and improvements that will require attention to our great facility and grounds, and anytime something is found to be in need  of repair or improvements, please bring to the Chairman for Building and Grounds.  It has been an honor to serve as your Chairman for the past few years.

Alan J. Coleman