2012 Annual Report

Membership Ministry Report for 2012

Membership Ministry Annual Report 2012

In Athens, Georgia we are accustomed to being among winners. The Membership at this church is no exception. It certainly makes things easier for our Membership Committee. I am honored to serve alongside to absolute winners: Mac Fite and Scott Norris. Our committee's responsibilities often dovetail with those of other groups.  For instance, this year we have helped Christian Ed with some communication needs. In the past, we have helped Fellowship with church wide events. Our main goal is to encourage folks whether visitors or long term members to find their place of service within our church family. We want you all to find an area in which to serve, while getting to know and ultimately loving and becoming loved by the wonderful people in this church

Did I mention that this is easy?  Our church is blessed to have a membership with varied interests and long fingers that reach into our community. Last year, one of our members, a nine year old little girl challenged the members of this church to support the ML5K which benefits ESP. Support it we did. The Central Presbyterian Youth Group is the largest supporter for this event for two years running. The first year this race involved 220 people. This year the event doubled in size. While this is a wonderful cause, no one has more fun than the folks from Central,  

Whether our committee is planning for this race, working on our Mother's Day, Father's Day or Graduation recognitions, or looking forward to kick off events with Christian Ed, we have the best jobs in the church: celebrating winners like you