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Do Not Be Cynical

“Love…hopes all things.” I Corinthians 13:7

One of the pervasive temptations of life is to become cynical. Cynicism is the belief that people are motivated by self-interest, are untrustworthy, and are usually disingenuous. Cynics are doubtful that anything good will happen. If life always worked out, perhaps there would be no cynics. If everyone always did the right thing, no one ever doubt human sincerity. But life’s tumbles and disappointments create mistrust that is not always without reason.

It is also easy to be a critic. From the couch in front of the television, it is easy to berate the player for his lack of skill. The pass that, in actuality was very difficult to catch, looks far easier from the comfort of our living room. “How could he have missed that ball?” And the easiest people to criticize are always the referees. When we watch the play in super slow motion, from three different angles, the right call is clear. Never mind that they had split seconds to make the call. We expect them to get it right!

The analysis of the problem is always easier than the solution. It is painless to point out all the things wrong, in someone’s approach, efforts, or personal habits. It gives us a feeling of superiority to do so. And there are always plenty of flaws in society and people to provide material as the objects of our scorn. We can safely criticize from the sidelines because we do not have to play the game.

But we are not here to be the judges of others. We are given the gift of life to make the world a better place. This requires a hopeful attitude. In spite of the failings of people, there is still plenty of good on which to focus. The future can be bright if we will work together. There will be good, in our lives, because God is with us. We should focus on the good and have hope for God’s grace.

When we are cynics, we stand on the sidelines so we can evaluate others. It is better however to be in the game of life, doing our part, using our gifts for the good of God’s work and others. If we have time to rock the boat, we usually are not rowing hard enough.

Don’t give in to cynicism. Love hopes. Love hopes all things. Love see that God’s future is full of grace, mercy, and good things.

With Warm Regards,

Bob Bohler