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Care For God's Servants

“She said to her husband, ‘Look, I am sure that this man who regularly passes our way is a holy man of God. Let us make a small roof chamber with walls and put there for him a bed, a table, a chair, and a lamp, so that he can stay there whenever he comes to us.’” II Kings 4: 9, 10

There are many interesting stories in the Old Testament. I have been reading II Kings and came across the story of the woman and her husband who made a special room for the prophet Elisha. Elisha had the habit of traveling through a certain town. A woman in the town noticed and believed that he was a prophet. Though she knew little about him, she recognized God’s presence in his life. They made him a little room in their home and offered him a place to stay when he was traveling through.

The story of Elisha makes note of this little kindness. We do not know what motivated the couple. There does not seem to be an ulterior motive, except kindness to one of God’s servants. The woman will receive a number of benefits from this, but could not have known this in advance.

There are a couple of things to note here. The first is she goes out of her way to care for one of God’s servants. She extends to him a small kindness, but one that seems to serve him well. The second is that it is a way for her to have more contact with God and his work. Through this man of God she will find her life of faith strengthened and nurtured.

There are moments in our life when we have the opportunity to do something good for another person. It may not be a large thing, only a small hospitality. It may be a gift, a kindness, or an act of compassion. When we follow through with these, we sometimes create a new friendship that will enrich our lives. Our acts of compassion may have more affect than we realize.

Everyone has opportunities. Many of the opportunities in front of us are for service. What is God calling you to do, that might reach out to another, and draw you closer to God’s work in the process?

With Warm Regards,

Bob Bohler