Pastor's Blog

A Prayer After Celebrating The Lord's Supper on Super Bowl Sunday (when the Souper Bowl offering was collected to feed the hungry in our community)

O Gracious Lord and our God, we give you thanks and praise this day. You are the living and true God. You are the everlasting king. Your anger endures for a moment but your mercy is for a lifetime. You punish the wicked but extend mercy to a thousand generations of those who love you and keep your commandments.


This day O God, we lift our hearts to you in praise for this sacrament in which we have shared. We thank you for the gift of worship together, for all the joys of Christian fellowship, for the faith that comes as your gift, and for the Holy Spirit who brings your presence close. 


We pray for the needy today. As we have gathered around this table, as we go to a bountiful luncheon after church, we particularly pray for those today who are hungry. In a world where 66 million school age children in the developing world attend school hungry, in a community where 83% of children in Clarke County receive a free or reduced lunch, and 46% of them live below the poverty line - 


We ask your help and grace, that we might be part of the solution to our world’s needs: that governments around the world might care more for their people than their own luxury, that the lazy would be inspired, the unskilled trained, and the wounded healed. 


We pray that we in this country might find the right balance between what government does and what is each individual's responsibility, so that all people might be able to earn their way, be willing to work hard to make their lives and their families better, and so be grateful to you for the opportunities they have. 


In this great country in which we live, may opportunities abound, may freedom reign, and may your people experience your blessings, of good things, but especially of faith, hope, and charity. We thank you for your grace. We ask you to heal the sick so they might praise your name.


Hear these our prayers, we ask. We pray them in Christ's name. Amen.