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Where Is Your Mission Field?

“So then, whenever we have an opportunity, let us work for the good of all, and especially for those of the family of faith.” Galatians 6:10


Where is your mission field? Every Christian is called to be engaged in ministry. We are all called to the use of our spiritual gifts? We should all do good with our lives. But where is our mission field? 


The 5thcentury theologian Augustine said that God has given us each a mission field. It is right where we are. Since God has already put people in our sphere of reach and influence, these are the people to whom God wants us to reach out. We do not need to look for foreign and exotic ways to serve God; God intends us to serve him right where we are. 


This makes sense. What better plan could God have established. Since Christians are spread throughout the world, nation, and community, each one should influence those around him or her. If each person will do good right where they are, then a great deal of good will get done. 


This gives the gospel credibility. The gospel is not best proclaimed to people through strangers. Rather it is best proclaimed by those who are known and trusted. Those we are most likely to reach are those who love and trust us. We have the greatest credibility with them. These are the people to whom we have the most opportunity to do good. 


That God seems to have envisioned this plan also gives everyone an opportunity. No one can say that they are excluded from ministry. No one should think they are sitting on the bench, never getting into the game. In fact, the opportunities are abundant around us. They are more than we can seize. Everyone has ample opportunities to do good in the name of Christ. 


So where is your mission field? It starts in your family. How might you do good to them, nurturing them in their faith? It then moves to your friends. Who among them needs encouragement? Who needs support? What can you do to make someone’s life better? It then moves to your workplace. How can you be a help to others? How can you make your company prosper? How can you represent God well by how you act? Our mission field finally moves out to our community, nation, and world. 


Paul says that “whenever we have an opportunity, we should do good.” As it turns out, the opportunities are all around us. Why not try to do one good thing every day? Reach out to someone. Say an encouraging word? Make someone’s life better? Jesus went around doing good in his ministry. He has left us with the ministry of doing as he did and given us plenty of opportunities to do so. Make sure you do something good every day!


With Warm Regards, 


Bob Bohler