Bookkeeper Job Description

Central Presbyterian Church

Position Description


Our motto is "Making Christ Central" and we seek to apply this motto in our  worship and work. We believe Christ is calling us to - GATHER as God’s  people, GROW as disciples, and GO into the world as ministers of Jesus Christ.  All Central Presbyterian staff members are expected to be Christians and should be active in a local church.


Title - Church Bookkeeper

Position Summary

This position is generally responsibile for the basic bookkeeping functions of the church, including depositing checks, writing checks, payroll dispursement and withholding, and a basic awareness of the budget and spending oversight. 


The Bookkeeper is supervised by the pastor and shall work with the Administration Ministry of the Session and the Treasurer in the fulfilling of his/her responsibilities.


·      Must be trustworthy and maintain confidentiality of all financial issues related to the church.

·      Must have a basic accounting knowledge and experience with Quickbooks.

·      Must be able to work offsite, as no office space is provided at the church.

·      Must have a strong Christian faith commitment.



1.       To keep the dispursement records of the church using sound accounting practices.

2.       Write all checks.

3.       Issue payroll checks and necessary papers, such as W-2, W-4, G-4, and I-9. Works with the Treasurer in paying federal and state taxes. Federal and State tax returns.

4.       Have an awareness of the annual budget and work with the Session and Treasurer as requested.

5.       Be available to come by the church office, to pick up invoices and drop off checks at least twice a week. Be willing to print emergency checks and bring by the church office for signing.

6.      Issue monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements.

7.      Prepare checks for tags for church vehicles. Get them signed and pick up tags at tag office.

8.      Post Merrill Lynch monthly reports.

9.       Balance bank statements with our records.

10.     Issue monthly or quarterly checks to appropriate places, such as local mission ministries (The Ark) and Northeast Georgia Presbytery.

11.      Post deposits to accounts as furnished by the Office Manager.