Contemporary worship


9:00 a.m. Sunday mornings - Early, Casual, and Contemporary

Our contemporary worship service is casual and contemporary but not too edgy. It is designed for people who want an informal style of worship with easy-to-listen-to contemporary music. Our contemporary worship service meets in a worship space especially designed for this worship service. The individual chairs are comfortable, the atmosphere is friendly, and the people are welcoming. Amy Rejmer leads our Praise Team as they lead the congregation in music of both celebration and reflection. Our Praise Team include guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, and great vocals. The words of the songs are projected on the screen in front, along with appealing graphics. It makes for an enriching worship experience. The order of worship includes music and singing at the beginning, announcements and prayer, followed by scripture and sermon. The goal of the service is to help you enter into the presence of God, know that you are loved by God, and recognize your call to be a disciple and witness for Jesus Christ. 

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There are many styles and types of contemporary worship services. Some are aimed at "seekers," those still investigating the Christian faith. These services have a message that is tailored to people's questions about Christianity. Other contemporary services target college students. These services usually include music that is a bit more "edgy" with lots of creative touches each week. Our contemporary service is designed for Christians who like a more contemporary style of music, yet with a traditional message. The music is easy on the ears and nurturing to heart and spirit. The sermon is the same as in the traditional worship service, though done in a more informal way. There is no pulpit in our contemporary worship center and the sermon is preached from the front of the worship space using a small podium. The service runs about 50 minutes. On the first Sunday of each month, the sacrament of the Lord's Supper is celebrated. It is celebrated by "intinction," where worshippers come forward, break off a piece of bread and dip it into the cup.


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The contemporary worship service is led by both pastors, Dr. Robert Bohler, Jr. and Reverend Deb Trimpe, along with our Praise Team leaders Amy Rejmer. The service starts with scripture and prayer, followed by an opening song. After a time of greeting, there are 2-3 congregational songs, during which worshippers stand if they are able. Next comes announcements and a prayer of intercession for church and community needs. Following the offering, one of the pastors reads scripture then preaches. After music of reflection, the service closes with a final congregational song, led by the Praise Team. The final prayer sends us out into the world to serve Christ, love others, and share the good news.