Get To Know Central Class


The next Get To Know Alps Road class will be held soon. Dates will be publicized. We will serve lunch and provide activities for children and youth during this time. If you would like to attend the next class, you may call the church office (706 549 9284), email the office (, or submit out the reservation form at the bottom of this page (it goes straight to the church office). 

hat You Need To Know

This class will give you important information about Alps Road Presbyterian Church: who we are; what we believe; how we are organized; and how to get involved. As part of the class, you will even get a tour of the facilities so you will know your way around. here will be time for questions and answers as well as the opportunity to get to know others who are both visitors and members at Alps Road. 


How Is Alps Road Organized?

One natural question about any church is - How do things work? How are you organized? Who makes the decisions? What is my role? These are good questions. The Presbyterian Church has a particular form of government and each church is organized according to its unique structure. We will talk together about both these organizational systems, so you are acquainted with the workings of Alps Road, and how you can be a part of the work and ministry of the congregation.

A Place For You

There is a place for you at Alps Road. No matter what your gifts, abilities, and interests, there is a place for you to serve, that will enable you to use your talents, make a difference, and be of service to others. Everyone is gifted in some area. Our hope is to help you find where your area of interest meets your area of ability and match those together. There is a place for you at Central and we would like to help you find it. 


ow To Join Alps Road

As part of the class, we will help you know the next steps. How does one join the church? What are the responsibilities of membership? What does being a member entail? What are the benefits of being a member? We will talk about the process for membership for those who are coming from another congregation, new into town, have never joined a church before, or renewing their commitment of faith.

After You Join

We want to help you get to know others, assimilate into the life of our congregation, and feel like Alps Road is your home. One way we do this is to invite you to dinner at someone's home, with a few new members like yourself and some long-time church members. This will help you build relationships and make new friends within the congregation. e hope to help you make Alps Road a church home where you will make deep friendships, grow in your faith, and be able to serve God using your gifts and abilities. 



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