Reading Through Matthew

Know, Understand, and Love the Bible! 

The Gospel of Matthew

A program for understanding the Bible, one chapter at a time.

Have you ever wanted to truly understand the Bible? We invite you to explore the gospel of Matthew, one chapter at a time. Here's how to do it.  On this page are links to a "Reading Guide" for each chapter of the gospel of Matthew. Read the chapter in Matthew. Then listen to the Reading Guide. Then read the chapter again. This program is designed to help you linger over each chapter and allows its words, ideas, and images to take hold of your heart. Listen to the Introduction first, then begin at your leisure. We encourage you not to rush through this program, but to do 2 - 3 chapters a week. The goal is to read reflectively. You may also choose to listen to the various chapters, instead of reading them, as these are readily available for free on mobile devices.