Traditional worship


Traditional Beliefs and values in a traditional setting

with choir, organ, and hymnbooks

Alps Road Church offers an 11:00 a.m. worship service in the traditional style of Presbyterian worship. This service seeks to create an atmosphere of lively reverence, where worshippers can remember God's blessings, offer their thanksgivings, and reflect on the meaning of God's Word. We celebrate and proclaim the beliefs and values that have been at the core of Christianity since its founding. This service includes hymns, organ and piano music, choir anthems, prayers of confession and a pastoral prayer, a children sermon, and the pastor's sermon from the pulpit. The Chancel Choir provides music in a variety of styles. Hymns are either traditional hymns or occasional gospel and more contemporary hymns. 


Worship is a word with many meanings. When we worship, we declare what we believe to be of true worth. Worship includes adoration of God's goodness, thanksgiving for God's blessings, confession of our sins, affirmation of our faith, devotion to God's word and dedication to God's purposes in our lives. In the corporate worship of the people of God, we remember our connection with others and strengthen our the ties that bind us together in the church. 

One of the strengths of our traditional worship service is our music, whether inspiring choir anthems, vocal or instrumental solos, or musical selections on the piano or organ. The music in this worship service touches our emotions and lifts our hearts to God. 

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