The institution of marriage is established by God as part of his ordering of society and for the nurture of family life. The Bible defines marriage in its first book when it says, “Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and clings to his wife, and they become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). The Session understands this verse to affirm marriage as the basic unit of society and to articulate God’s design for marriage as between one man and one woman. Alps Road Presbyterian Church performs Christian marriage ceremonies for members and their immediate families, as well as staff members. Alps Road does not allow the use of the facilities for non-member weddings or other activities related to non-member weddings (such as rehearsal dinners or receptions). 






The first step in planning your wedding is a meeting with Alps Road’s pastor. As a Presbyterian Church, we seek to make certain that weddings conducted in our sanctuary are faithful to the time honored traditions of the Reformed faith. A church wedding is a religious service of worship and consecration. All services conducted at Central seek to bring glory to God and celebrate the joining in marriage of the man and woman. 


Members should notify the church office as soon as you have a desired date in mind. Many activities are scheduled on the church calendar and advance planning is a necessity. Weddings are only placed on the calendar after consultation with one of the church pastors. Once a wedding is approved by the session, the date is reserved on the calendar and the wedding reservation form should be completed. It should be turned in to the office with the reservation deposit ($50.00). The office will mail you a written confirmation of the date/time/facility.  An invoice explaining the fees and payment due dates will be included with the confirmation letter. 


If you have further questions, please contact the office 706-549-9284 or your wedding coordinator. Please note that Sunday afternoon, New Year's Day, Easter Week, Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas Eve/Day are generally not available. Please speak with one of the pastors if interested in one of these days. 



The seating capacity of the sanctuary is 330 (this includes seating for 30 in the balcony). The McDonald Parlor (down the hall from the narthex) is available for the bride and her attendants. A room near the kitchen is available for the groom and groomsmen.


There are two spaces ideal for receptions or rehearsal dinners for church members getting married at Alps Road, the Fellowship Hall and the Gathering Area. These are adjacent to each other and can be combined. They are close to the kitchen. If the reception and/or rehearsal dinner is to be held at Alps Road, arrangements must be made when the wedding date is set. The church retains full control over music, activities, and decorations. The church does not provide a catering service.



Premarital Counseling

Alps Road Presbyterian does require premarital counseling with one of our pastors or in some other way that is approved by the pastor at Alps Road. 





Deposit (applied to fees)                     $50            

Custodial Fee                          $100                        

Use of Fellowship Hall and/or Gathering Space     $100                  

Use of Kitchen                                    $100

Wedding Coordinator Fee                $250  

Minister                                               $250         


*Other parts to the wedding ceremony

*Organist                                $250                        

*Soloist                                               $150                         

*Harpist                                  $250                         


Music & Programs
The wedding ceremony is first and foremost a service of worship. Musical selections must be appropriately religious. The appropriateness of music selections will be discussed with the Pastor and/or the Director of Music. Music selections not suitable for the wedding ceremony should be saved for the reception. Alps Road’s organist will play at weddings if able. Her services should be secured as soon as possible. If the couple has an organist or other musicians they want to use, this must be approved by the Director of Music. Alps Road also has soloists and a harpist available.

Alps Road prefers that live music only be used at weddings. However, with the pastor’s approval, couples may have recorded music. They are responsible for bringing in the correct play equipment and for having someone to handle the setup and use at the wedding.


Wedding programs are the responsibility of the couple. The Pastor will help the couple ensure that the program has the correct order of worship.

Facilities & Catering

The couple is responsible for seeing that the caterer receives a copy of the following:

1) The use of alcohol on church grounds is not permitted.
2) The church kitchen may be used to prepare and serve food. Church food supplies, chafing dishes, cooking trays, pots/pans and dishes are not available. Utensils may be used but must be washed and returned to their proper place.  The kitchen and kitchen floor must be wiped and mopped. Garbage must be removed from the church premises. Caterer must provide can liners.
3) Tables and chairs are included in the rental fee for the Fellowship hall and/or the gathering Space - fifteen 8-person rectangular and five 8-person round tables, 200 resin chairs (nonfolding) and 100 metal folding chairs. The couple is responsible for set up and take down of furnishings. Rooms must be put back in arrangement as shown on wall charts in each room.


Wedding Coordinator
Alps Road requires that one of their wedding coordinators be present at all wedding activities held at the church. Their fee is included in the facility rental fee. This person will be a member of Alps Road who has assisted in other weddings and will insure the orderly progress of the rehearsal and wedding. The wedding coordinator will familiarize the couple with the rules and procedures involved in using Alps Road's facilities. The church office will notify the bride of the name, phone number and email address of the assigned coordinator.


The couple is asked to contact the wedding coordinator before making plans for decorating the church.The church has two floor-standing candelabra. Candles must be supplied by the couple and should be spring loaded. If a unity candle is used, it needs to be provided by the couple. Candles may only be used in the chancel (area by the pulpit and lectern).

Since the wedding is a worship service, the flowers and decorations should be appropriate for a place of worship; therefore, we request the following:

1) Only one live flower arrangement in the chancel.
2) Only two candelabra may be used unless approved by the wedding coordinator.
3) Pew markers should only be utilized on pews reserved for the wedding party.
4) Plastic must be under the candelabra and spring loaded covers on the candles.
5) Adhesives, nails, screws, and metal clamps are not to be used in any rooms.
6) Candles allowed only in the chancel. Not permitted in the reception areas, Fellowship Hall or Gathering Space.
7) The baptismal font and the piano are not to be decorated. 


Beautiful staircase leading into the gathering area.  Great for pictures!!

Beautiful staircase leading into the gathering area.  Great for pictures!!

Photographs are an important part of your wedding. To maintain the dignity of the marriage service it is essential that pictures be taken before the processional begins or after the ceremony. Photographs may be taken from the balcony (NO FLASH!) provided there is no noise or distraction. Video taping of the ceremony is permitted from the balcony provided it also complies with the same stipulations. It is the couple’s responsibility to see that the photographer/videographer complies with these stipulations.


Wedding Guidelines:

Wedding Request Form  (please print and fill out)

Request for further information. This will be forwarded to the church office. You may call during office hours to speak to our church Office Manager, Elizabeth Motes, 706 549-9284. 

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