Week 4 - Day 4 - Luke 22:7-23

The Passion of Christ in the Gospel of Luke

A Guide to Meditation and Prayer

Week 4 - Day 5

Do This in Remembrance of Me

The Lord’s Supper


Meditation on Scripture- Read Luke 22:14-23 and write your reflections in the workbook. Use the summary below for further reflection on the passage. Prayer- Use the Guide for Prayer. 


This is the account of Jesus eating the Passover with his disciples and instituting the Lord’s Supper. The Passover was the festival that celebrated the Exodus. This was the supper that commemorated the night when the angel of death came through the land but passed over the homes of the Israelites because he saw the blood of the sacrificial lamb on the door posts. On this Passover evening, Jesus would eat the meal with the disciples but then give it a new meaning. 


We see the humanity of Jesus in this passage. He longed for the fellowship of the disciples in these moments before his suffering. He also pointed to a great celebration with them in the future in the kingdom of heaven. There they would indeed feast together and the disciples would share in his kingdom and leadership. The book of Revelation 19:6-10 seems to envision this future. 


This passage contains the traditional words of institution for the Lord’s Supper. When Jesus announced that one of them would betray him, they wondered who it was. Only Judas knew to whom he referred. 


Things to Consider – 


·     In his humanity Jesus longed for the companionship of the disciples before his suffering. Do you think Jesus enjoys fellowship with his people through the Spirit today? Do you see evidences of his presence in your church’s worship? Can you imagine Jesus wanting to be in communion with you? With whom do you especially enjoy Christian fellowship? 

·     Why do you think the celebration of the Lord’s Supper is important for the church? Why do you think Jesus commanded, “Do this in remembrance of me?” What is your experience of celebrating Communion like? How could it be more meaningful for you? 

·     Christ is betrayed by someone in his inner circle. Have you ever felt betrayed? What was it like? Does it help to know that Christ has experienced the same? 


Guide for Prayer – 


·     Close your eyes and take one full minute to calm your mind and spirit. 

·     As a preparation for prayer, reflect for one minute on the scripture verse that says, “I have earnestly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer.” Hebrews 11:6

·     Thank God that Jesus was fully human as well as fully divine. Thank God that Jesus experienced life as we do, with its joys and difficulties. Thank God that Jesus understands everything we go through. 

·     The celebration of the Lord’s Supper contains a promise; it is the promise of forgiveness through Christ’s death. Affirm your belief in and acceptance of this promise. Thank God for your forgiveness in Christ. Affirm your faith in his word. 

·     Martin Luther compares the promise of forgiveness to a very unworthy person being the beneficiary of an extremely generous gift. While the gift may seem extravagant and ourselves unworthy of such generosity, it should not inhibit us from accepting the gift. In prayer, see yourself as an unworthy person accepting an extremely gracious gift. Thank God for such generosity. 

·     Take some moments to offer your own prayers to God. Offer whatever prayers and praises seem appropriate.