Week 7 - Day 1 - Luke 24:1-12

The Passion of Christ in the Gospel of Luke

A Guide to Meditation and Prayer


Week 7 - Day 1

 The Empty Tomb

The Resurrection of Jesus


Meditation on Scripture- Read Luke 24:1-12 and write your reflections in the workbook. Use the summary below for further reflection on the passage. Prayer- Use the Guide for Prayer. 


Verse 1 of this passage is a continuation of the sentence at the end of chapter 23. The women who came with Jesus from Galilee had seen where Jesus was buried. They prepared spices and ointments for his body, then rested on the Sabbath according to the Jewish requirements. The first moment they could go to the tomb was dawn on the day after the Sabbath and they were there at dawn. 


There are several parts of the event of the resurrection that are common to all the accounts. The first is that the stone was rolled away. The stone would have been too heavy for the women to move. If they were pleased that the tomb was already open when they arrived, they were certainly perplexed not to find the body in the tomb. This is a second common aspect of this story. They body of Jesus was not present. The third common element of the story is the appearance of an angel or angels. They announced the news that Christ was alive and reminded them that Jesus had spoken to them about this in Galilee. 


It was logical for the women to find the disciples and tell them what they had seen, yet the apostles simply did not believe them. Peter however ran to the tomb to see what had happened. When he arrived he saw the grave cloths in which Jesus had been wrapped. He went home marveling and wondering what had happened. 



Things to consider – 


·     It has been noted that the appearance of the angels to the women first is a sign of the story’s credibility. Had the disciples made this story up, the apostles would have been the first at the tomb. 

·     The words of the angels seem to have a bit of rebuke in them. Do you think the angel expected greater understanding from the women? 

·     Do you find it curious that the apostles did not believe the women? Do you think they were just sleepy or was there something else going on? 

·     Do you think Peter suspected a resurrection when he returned from the tomb? What do you think he thought had happened? 

·     The resurrection starts as do many good stories. It starts slow but the suspense builds. Were Jesus to have immediately appeared to them, the shock might have been too much to endure. As it is God gives them some time to adjust and be emotionally ready for the appearance of the risen Christ. 


Guide for prayer – 


·     Take 1 minute to calm your mind and gather your spirit. 

·     Pray the following prayers – 

·     “Lord God, thank you that death could not hold Christ, but gave way to your power and authority.” 

·     “Thank you for this great good news that brings light out of the darkness.” 

·     “Thank you that you did not leave Jesus in the grave but raised him up for our sakes.”

·     “Thank you that we know that eternal life is real because Christ himself rose from the grave as the forerunner of what is to come.” 

·     “Thank you that sin and death are defeated by the resurrection of Christ. Raise me up to new life in him.” 

·     Take some moments to offer your own prayers to God. Offer whatever prayers seem appropriate.