Week 7 - Day 3 - Luke 24:36-49

 The Passion of Christ in the Gospel of Luke

A Guide to Meditation and Prayer


Week 7 - Day 3

Understanding the Resurrection

Jesus Appears to the Disciples


Meditation on Scripture- Read Luke 24:36-49 and write your reflections in the workbook. Use the summary below for further reflection on the passage. Prayer- Use the Guide for Prayer. 


Jesus appears to the gathered disciples on the evening of the day of the resurrection. It happened after the two disciples arrived back from Emmaus. By this time Jesus had already appeared to the women and to Peter separately, confirming the resurrection. Because he was in a “resurrection body,” which was both similar yet different from his original body, he was able to suddenly appear among them. 


Jesus gave the disciples a number of proofs to confirm to them that he was truly risen. He showed them his hands and feet and invited them to touch him. We assume the disciples did and they realized that he was truly flesh and blood, not a ghost. Jesus also ate food in their presence, something a ghost or spirit would not have been able to do. Finally he went through the scriptures, showing how they pointed to the suffering the Messiah had to endure before rising again. 


The final thing Jesus did was commission the disciples. They were to proclaim repentance and forgiveness to all nations beginning in Jerusalem. The disciples were witnesses to everything Jesus had done. Jesus’ final instruction was for the disciples to wait in Jerusalem until God’s power from above had come upon them. They would know what this meant on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-13). 


Things to consider – 


·     Like the other gospels, Luke only records a few of Jesus’ resurrection appearances. He does record one not found in any other gospel, the appearance to the disciples on the road to Emmaus. 

·     Jesus’ first words to the disciples was “Peace be with you.” Does Jesus ever want you to “calm down?” Do you allow him to help you be at peace or do you enjoy the tension? 

·     What do you think it would have felt like to touch Jesus after his resurrection? 

·     What was the point of Jesus eating some fish? 

·     Do you know some places in the Old Testament that refer to the coming of the Messiah? Which places? Think about ways they refer to Jesus. 

·     What role do you think repentance plays in religious conversion? 

·     Do you think God wants you to believe? What “helps” do you feel like God has given you to nurture and confirm your faith? 

·     Do you feel like you have been clothed with power from on high? On a scale of 1-10, how full does your tank feel at the moment? What could you do to allow God’s power to live in you more? 

·     What has helped you be confident in the risen Christ? 

·     What would you ask Christ if you could? 


Guide for prayer – 


·     Take 1 minute to calm your mind and gather your spirit. 

·     Thank God for the annual celebration of Easter. Think back to some Easter in your life and see if you can feel the moment? Give thanks to God for it. 

·     Imagine the wonder of the disciples seeing the risen Christ. Imagine yourself standing there among them. What would you have felt, said, done? 

·     See if you can reach out and “touch” Christ in prayer. Hear Christ say to your soul, “Peace be with you.” 

·     Sense Christ sending the Holy Spirit to clothe you with power from on high. In prayer, imagine this happening. 

·     Speak to Jesus. Thank him for evidences he has given you to help you believe. Thank him for the peace he speaks to your heart and spirit. Thank him that he makes himself known to those who wish to be his disciples. 

·     Take some moments to offer your own prayers to God. Offer whatever prayers seem appropriate.